About Australia

About Australia

In recent years Australia has become the third-largest destination that has attracted the number of international students to come and study in Australia. According to an estimate, about 400,000 students from other countries complete their graduation from Australia. This figure is worth noting as the numbers are really spectacular and there can be n number of reasons for choosing the land of Kangaroos for further education. Undoubtedly the beauty of this place, better infrastructure, and favorable climatic conditions are amongst the top reasons for getting inclined towards this destination.

If you are also planning to move to Australia for better education and a better future, here is everything you must know about the lifestyle and climatic conditions of this country. We are sure that after reading everything, your excitement to reach Australia will reach another level.

Australia is amongst one of those countries which never fail to provide an opportunity, you just need to grab it at the right time. It has something for everyone, this place never disappoints anyone. Needless to say it a country with spectacular views, the place is incredibly beautiful. It has everything that makes it a perfect natural wonderland, you will find amazingly beautiful and clean beaches, sublime glamour, ancient rock formations, crystal blue waters, and pristine rain forests. Nature has blessed this place with all the endowments and the country knows how to take good care of this blessing. The variety and kind of flora and fauna they have you won’t be able to see it anywhere else in the world.

Despite being the sixth-largest country in the world it has the lowest population density per square kilometer. Canberra is the capital of the country which itself is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.

Australian Capital Territory: The youngest Australian states and Territories together form the Australian Capital Territory. It is also known as the home of Australia’s capital Canberra.

Northern Territory: Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory. Uluru, which was earlier known as Ayres Rock is the central point of attraction. The years-old stone monument is worth giving attention, it will be a treat to eyes for everyone. Once you will get to see this stonework you won’t be able to take it out of your mind, it is so mesmerizing and something which you don’t see every day.

New South Wales: One of the most charming and happening states around the world is the home to the land of opportunities Sydney. The state is surrounded and bordered by subtropical northern border starting from Queensland to the Victorian border.

Queensland: Commonly known as the sunshine of Australia is divided by the Tropic of Capricorn. Brisbane is the capital of this place and is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia. It has the most famous Australian playground and sunshine coast which is a must-visit place if you want to explore beaches, rainforests and the most elegant resorts in Australia.

South Australia: The place in Australia that has everything to lure tourists. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is also known as the land of churches. Unlike other capital cities, it is a very small place full of natural beauty and peace. It won’t be wrong to call it a small paradise in Australia.

Tasmania: Tasmania, the Apple Isle of the world is full of natural beauty. It has got some amazing views and has some amazing lakes, mesmerizing mountains, waterfalls and got some breathtaking beaches in its kitty. It is the island where you can roam effortlessly and can enjoy nature. Comfortable accommodations that have been carved out of quaint stone cottages adds the cherry on the cake of this beautiful landscape.

Victoria: Having Melbourne as its capital, Victoria is the smallest and densely populated city in Australia. Melbourne, its capital is the perfect blend of classic Europe elegance and the modern world, highly dominated by Trams. Victoria which is also known as Garden State has a commendable road network making it a hot spot for all the tourists.

Western Australia: Perth, commonly known as City of lights is the capital of this part of Australia. It is one of the largest cities of this area. It is known for its amazing Mediterranean climate round the clock and has some amazing gardens to add to the beauty of this place.