Free Counseling

Free Counseling

Yes, absolutely! We do not charge for our counseling sessions. Our aim is to make your process of applying to study abroad as smooth as possible.

At Worldwide Visa Experts, our overseas visa consultants will help you pick the right option, as without counseling from an expert you will not be able to choose the perfect option. While you look for options, there are many questions which come in your mind such as:

  • What is the right career?
  • What is the right course?
  • Which country is offering the course?
  • Which are the relevant universities in that country?
  • What are the requirements and criteria of those universities?
  • Am I capable financially?
  • How to write SOP?
  • How to prepare for interviews?
  • How to apply to those universities?

Well, to get an answer to all the above questions you need counseling. We have the best counselors who help you and guide you through all the procedures from the very start. They provide you unbiased opinion which is actually suitable for you. They offer complete support and handle all queries patiently and guide step by step towards the right career and overseas universities.

You can ask anything about education abroad and we would be happy to assist you. Our counseling team will be happy to serve you and guide you from choosing the right university, the right program, preparing SOP, application, and interviews, offer letters, visa process, and others.