Singapore Student Visa Process

Singapore Student Visa Process

Getting admission to one of the elite universities of Singapore is not an easy job, but once you get through that process the journey of getting students VISA is comparatively very easy. Singapore is an open economy that has not kept its norms very stringent for students’ VISA procedure. In fact, students do not need a VISA but a student pass to enter the country for the purpose of studying. The process of students pass online and registration is commonly known as the SOLAR system. Institute of higher learning where you intend to take admission will be doing the same on your behalf and will provide you Reference number of your SOLAR application that you may need during the entire process.

So here is the entire process of getting your Students to pass for further education in Singapore:

  • The first and foremost step of the process is to choose the university and college of your choice on the basis of your interest and finances. Once you have shortlisted the same you need to take admission in the institute for higher learning.
  • After the completion of the registration process in the desired university, you will be provided with the offer letter along with the SOLAR Reference number. This number is really very important and will be needed during the entire process of applying for students to pass.
  • Once the entire process of registration in the university is complete you need to start the process of getting student pass. At the initial stage of the process, the university in which you have applied will start the process, they need to provide following details for initiating the process:
  1. Details as mentioned in your passport ( Your name, gender, nationality, and date of birth)
  2. Details of the course and date of commencement
  3. The reference number of SOLAR application
  • Next step is to log in the website of the SOLAR using the reference number, it will ask you to complete the form requiring some basic information and would ask you to make the payment.
  • Once you have completed the formality, you may need to submit e-form 16 along with the processing fee.  Eform 16 will have all your information in detail. Once you have submitted the same you can always take the print out of e-form to be submitted at ICA for students pass.
  • Now after all these formalities you will receive the In-principle approval letter from ICA. The process may take some time, especially in the month of July and August. Therefore it is recommended to start the process at an early stage.
  • You can travel to Singapore with this IPA, but at the arrival, you have to visit the ICA office to complete all the formalities related to students’ pass. All your documents will be checked before issuing you the pass, some universities also hold the camp for its international students to ease out the process of getting students PASS on arrival, till then you can enter through social visit pass that you will get on your arrival. Make sure to take prior appointment for completing the formalities for Students Pass.

You may need to show your bank statement for the previous six months or loan disbursement letter for assuring that all your expenses including fees and living expenses are well taken care of.

Documents required for applying for students pass:

  • Valid passport. Always carry few extra copies of the same as you may need to submit the same in ICA office.
  • The embarkation card that a student is generally granted when he/she enters Singapore.
  • Passport size colored photograph.
  • Print out of e-form 16, that you filled at SOLAR website.
  • In Principle approval letter
  • Medical examination report ( Medical examination must be done by practitioner listed by Singapore embassy of your country)
  • Duly signed copy of terms and conditions to stay in Singapore under students pass.