Types of student Visa

Types of student Visa

There are different levels of Assessment and classes for Student’s Visa. The student Visa in Australia is subdivided into seven subclasses according to the stream you choose for further education. And further, there are approximately five assessment levels. The assessment is done to make sure that all formalities and documents are in place to avoid any sort of immigration risk at later stages.

During the assessment, the students are marked accordingly, lower the assessment level lower will be the risk and higher level will indicate the high level of risk. The student that gets Assessment level 5 needs to show more evidence to support the claims they are making in order to get the Visa.

Subclass 570 (AL-3) – Independent ELICOS Sector: This class is for those students who are opting for English language intensive courses for overseas students as a stand-alone course. The course done as a prerequisite for undertaking some other course will not come under this.

Subclass 571 (AL-2) Schools sectors: This class categorizes those international students who are to undertake education in primary or secondary school.

Subclass 572 (AL-3) VET Sector: This class includes those international students undertaking the course in some technical background. The vocational education and training sector is a part of this section and students must be awarded a degree or diplomas.

Subclass 573 (AL-3) – Higher Education Sector: It includes those students who want to procure bachelor’s degree, graduate certificate or graduate diploma.

Subclass 574 (AL-1) – Master’s and Doctorate Sector – International students who are going to undertake courses resulting in Master’s degree or Doctoral degree will fall under this class.

Subclass 575 (AL-1) – Non-award Foundation Studies/Other Sector – This class represents those courses that are done to strengthen the foundation to take up any other course, also no degree or diploma is awarded under this category.

Subclass 576 (AL-2) – Aus. AID or Defense Sponsored Sector–  International students sponsored AUS AID or defense for either whole or part of their course are categorized under this category.