Why Study In Ireland?

Why Study In Ireland?

Ireland is a beautiful place that is known for its standard and quality education institutes. This country is definitely a place to study as its serene and tranquil environment will actually help you to enjoy while studying. The other reasons why you should study here are:-

    • More than 95 percent of the population is well familiar with English so there won’t be any language barrier for the Indian students.
    • Ireland is also home to the top universities which actually help students to become graduates from famous institutes.
    • Even if you are among the brilliant minds, you can get a scholarship which is a cherry to the cake.
    • Capital of Ireland is Dublin. Cork, Galway, Maynooth & Limerick are some of the popular cities of Ireland.
    • Official language of Ireland is Irish and English.
    • Population of Ireland is approximately 49 Lakhs and the Urbanand Currency of Ireland is Euro €
    • Low cost of tuition fees & accommodation.
    • Post study work visa of 2 years for Masters.
    • Post study work visa of 1 year for Bachelors (Hons).

International Education System

Ireland Education System gained a lot of importance because of the universities present there which provide the world with the best professionals. The Universities of Ireland are ranked in the top 700 education institutes in the world. The Trinity College of Dublin is quite famous and a number of students go there every year to achieve a quality education. Even University College Cork is quite famous. Both these universities fall in the first 200 best education institutes all over the world.